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After you have reached thirty, you can’t just eat what you want, otherwise you’ll likely become  obese. From then on you’ll need to maintain an exercise regime to keep fit. Still, knowing this wasn’t enough for me. I needed an obvious reason to get fit and stay fit.

I think I found that reason. I want to be able to run one ore more marathons every year. I ran my first marathon in 2004, in Rotterdam, after training and running for around six years. After that I got out of shape again, weighing as much as I did before I started running. I ran my second marathon in 2009, the Rotterdam Marathon. Although the result was a bit disappointing, I knew what I had to do: lose weight and change my lifestyle.

This blog is a continuation of a Google page, Halve Marathon Roosendaal, in which I describe how I slowly went from being very unfit (5K in 33 minutes) to being able to run a half marathon race. I never did run that half marathon race, because I got a virus, and it didn’t seem sensible to run that particular race at that time.

N.B. The comments on this blog are disabled and all previous comments have been deleted permanently to comply with the European GDPR as per 25 May 2018. For any questions or comments, please contact me via email at renevanbelzen@gmail.com.

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